Base URL



All requests need to have an API Key. Please request the Radian team or your contact to provide you with the API Key.

This key needs to be passed in the header X-Api-Key of the request.

Status Endpoint

There is a Status endpoint to check the status of the API. A sample request can be made as below -

curl -X GET https://api.shipradian.com/status

This should yeild a response as below -

  "error": 0,
  "message": "API is running..."

Register Parcels

Use this endpoint to register multiple parcels. A maximum of 100 parcels can be registered at one time. Path POST /register Request The request body is an array of parcels where each parcel must have 3 key pieces of information -

Search Parcel

Use this endpoint to search for one parcel. This is a public endpoint and does not require API key. Path GET /search?tracking_no=<TRACKING_NUMBER> Query Parameters Field Details Comments tracking_no string, required Tracking Number Response On success, response looks like below -